The Mapping Department has been a part of the Assessor's office for ages, but has grown from paper maps and soil survey books to include digital mapping systems. With the advancement of computer technology and computer graphics, geographic information can be accessed more easily and efficiently through Geographic Information Systems (GIS). 

Land Activity

All land activity that changes a parcel is updated in the Mapping department. This includes property sales, new subdivisions, redistricting, and road changes. There are currently 30,377 parcels and 8 municipalities in Kay County covering about 589,440 acres or 921 square miles. 


The services provided by the Mapping department of the Kay County Assessor's Office are a function of real property appraisal. Maps are updated with the aid of recorded documents such as deeds, surveys, or subdivision plats. Property ownership maps are created and updated to insure that properties are correctly identified and accurately reflect the ownership of those parcels, to depict the location and size, and provide other property information for the tax rolls, according to Oklahoma Tax Commission specifications. The purpose of these maps is to assist the appraisal process in determining the proper value for real property taxation. 

Tax Maps

Tax maps are to be used for tax purposes only and should never be used for conveyance. Tax maps are available to the public in the Kay County Assessor's Office. 

E-911 Addressing

New addresses are another function of the Mapping department. Whether you are building a new home or getting utilities for an improvement, assigning a physical address is the first step in achieving county wide E-911 service. An accurate and easily visible address is vital for rapidly locating a home or business in any emergency requiring fire, life, and/or safety services. It also promotes efficient mail and parcel delivery to businesses and residences. Your residence and mail receptacle should be numbered using letters that are 2 inches or more, well-spaced, and placed where they can be seen day or night. 

Request New Address

To request a new address, the following information is needed: 

  • Name of owner and/or resident who will occupy the address
  • Name of road the property will be accessed from
  • Parcel Identification Number, a legal description, or any neighboring addresses 

Products & Services

  • GIS Data (call or email for details)
    • $50 standard fee
  • Kay County Rural Plat Book
    • 8.5 by 11
    • Laminated cover
    • New Price of just $40
    • Books can be mailed at an additional cost
  • Maps
    • 8.5 by 11 or 11 by 17
    • Ownership, districts, city, etc. 
    • Plats for $1 per page or colored aerial for $5
  • Wall Map
    • $25
    • 36 by 48
    • Kay County with owners and acreage, city, districts, etc.