I am wanting to purchase another property. Can I find out what the tax amount would be?

The Assessor's office can provide a rough estimate of the tax amount based on the purchase price of the property and using the last year's millage rate. The following example demonstrates how tax amounts are figured. For the current tax amount on a property or to determine if the taxes are current, we urge you to contact the Kay County Treasurer's office at 580-362-2523.


  • Purchase Price x Assessment Ratio (the assessment percentage applied to the taxable market value of property which is controlled by the voters, Kay County's assessment ratio is 11% for real property and 14% for personal property) = Assessed Value
  • Assessed Value x Millage Rate (Mills are expressed as dollars per thousand dollars of assessed value. The millage rate is based on the school district where the property is located. This value changes annually.) - Any Exemptions = Tax Amount
  • Example: If you pay $99,500 for a property in Ponca City school district 71A in 2017, an estimate of the taxes would be figured as follows: $99,500 x 11% = $10,945. $10,945 - 1,000 (This is a homestead exemption which will need to be filed on any home that is used as the primary homestead, regardless if homestead is already filed on your previous home.) = $9,945 x 0.09802 (which is the 2017 mill levy for 71A 98.02/1,000) = $957.90 (tax amount for 2017 or rough estimate for 2018)

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1. I am wanting to purchase another property. Can I find out what the tax amount would be?
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